What we do

01 Portfolio Management Framework
Our frameworks help enable control over the project portfolio. Giving managers and stakeholders a clear, open understanding of how projects are progressing and helping those involved in the projects take control over project delivery.

We tailor our approach from our standard set of frameworks that are implemented based on your organisation and are built around your business practices and culture. We bring lessons learned from thousands of projects in almost every industry and business area.

Our services are flexible and tailored, so use only what you need.
02 Project Resources
We can help you deliver your portfolio by providing you access to highly skilled and experienced project resources. Our consultants come from varied background of delivering best practice and understand the challenges that business face.

We can assist with any stage of the project or business transformation, from inception, delivery or recovery. We work in partnership with you, offering our modular services to help with any component of the project lifecycle.

03 PMO As A Service – PaaS
Our PMO offering splits governance and support into two functions, allowing for a holistic approach to delivery, customised and scalable for your business.

From our experience of delivering excellence across many sectors we bring you a service which is structured, transparent and predictable. We offer a pathway to best practice delivery, and the flexibility of working with a trusted partner.

We believe that outsourcing to a niche consultancy that specialise in delivering only project excellence gives you the competitive edge. By working with you in a collaborative and constructive way, we build partnerships built on delivery.


How We work

The P4lio Approach:


  • A blueprint for success, a clearly defined path from inception to completion
  • Guidance every step of the way, from seasoned professionals with real world experience
  • Control of cost, through transparent governance processes
  • Management of risk and timescale, visibility of potential problems enabling mitigation
  • Demand management, have just the resources you need, when you need them

What we do:

  • Assess your current project delivery maturity level
  • Learn about your pain points and costs
  • Consult with you on what you want to achieve
  • Implement best of breed Portfolio management processes with supporting products & reports
  • Define good governance, tuned to your organisation
  • Offer ongoing support, team augmentation, PMO and reporting to keep you on track

We give you visibility and control, enabling you to make better decisions, save money and maximise return on investment.


We Make the Difference


We show you how to keep projects on time, on plan and delivering to expectations through proven processes.


Working with P4lio gives you visibility and control, enabling you to make better decisions, save money and maximise return on investment.



Our process gives you an end to end view of your portfolio of projects.


With planning and visibility comes the opportunity to align your delivery. Where projects have synergy, resources can be shared.  Dependency mapping ensures your projects start when required, so that the links in the path to delivery are aligned.


We can show you demonstrate that you get full value from your delivery teams.


Align business strategy to project delivery – As part of developing your business case we always take into consideration the company direction and strategy.


Case Studies

Energy Firm - Billing System

Project recovery, major business transformation for one of the Big Six Energy companies.  End to end transformation of billing systems bringing together business process, business analysis, replanning,implementing controls & project governance, baselining, end to end delivery resulting in a successful delivery and a happy customer.

Banking - Merger

Merger of 46 businesses and associated infrastructure into a single international entity.  Systems integration and standardisation of core banking systems into a single entity. This provided a high availability platform across EMEA & APAC. Total budget managed £100m.

Pharmaceutical - Big Data/IaaS

Implementation of governance and delivery for the one of the largest genomic research entities globally. Big Data with data analytics & AI modelling, with in excess of 17 Petabytes of data and 10000 computer cores of processing power.  Overall budget £1.5B

International Consultancy Business - Governance Processes

Implemented project office framework for all services UK and Globally, encompassing multiple business areas including Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales and Operations. This empowered project governance, reporting and stakeholder engagement both internally and externally.  Our involvement assisted the organisation to mature their business enabling international expansion.

Premium Airline - Cross Platform Data Analytics

Flight data analytics consultancy, end to end customer and usage investigation, AI & Big Data.  Managed a corporate data science project for a major airline to profit optimise aircraft usage in a hub and spoke model. This encompassed route planning, aircraft placement and demand forecasting.  Tracking cultural and demographic data to promote add on items and upsell.

Government - Project Delivery

Wide ranging experience of public sector programmes, guiding and delivering successful outcomes for service users.  Understanding customer journeys and ensuring these requirements remained at the heart of the project deliverables.  These projects span the NHS, Central Government, Local Government and Defence sectors.